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Conglomco Media Network announces live


MTAA | Sun Jun 4th, 2006 2:31 p.m.




Conglomco Media Network is pleased to announce the official beta release of the META[CC] video engine at


META[CC] seeks to create an open forum for real time discussion, commentary, and cross-refrencing of electronic news and televised media. By combining strategies employed in web-based discussion forums, blogs , tele-text subtitling, on-demand video streaming, and search engines, the open captioning format employed by META[CC] will allow users to gain multiple perspectives and resources engaging current events. The system is adaptable for use with any cable or broadcast television network.


We hope that you will take a moment from your viewing time to add the RSS feed of a blog you find noteworthy. As more information sources are supplied to META[CC], the more intelligent the system becomes. As such, the META[CC] search engine is apolitical and influenced only by the news and information sources supplied by its viewers/users. We apologize, but at this time podcasts and vlogs are not supported.


Many thanks for your interest and participation,
The META[CC] team





Originally posted on Raw by Rhizome


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